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    4012 Meinl CAJ1SNT-M Cajon, Natural

    Crafted for Comfort and Tone

    Make the brilliant design and refined tone of Meinl Percussion's CAJ1SNT-M Modern Snare Cajon the heartbeat of your music. The CAJ1SNT-M balances the ruggedness of all-rubberwood construction with the beauty of an American white ash soundboard to impart natural presence, added response and sensitivity, and warmth to your tone. The snare strings are easily adjusted using the knob on the side - you can dial in tone that gives your rhythm the voice it needs to cut through the mix when you're onstage and the strength it needs to keep the beat during acoustic jam sessions. At Remix we know you'll appreciate the careful thought and design Meinl put into every aspect of your CAJ1SNT-M Modern Snare Cajon.

    Meinl Percussion CAJ1SNT-M Modern Snare Cajon Features:
    • Constructed of sustainable rubberwood for strength and classic cajon tone
    • White American ash soundboard adds distinctive beauty and tone
    • Concave body deepens fundamental sound
    • Knurled knob controls adjustable strings from crazy sizzle to completely off
    • Comfortable padded seat
    The Meinl CAJ1SNT-M puts comfort and tone at the center of your percussion kit!

    Tech Specs

    Type Snare Cajon
    Manufacturer Part Number CAJ1SNT-M

    Model: 4012
    Manufacturer: Meinl
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    Regular Price: $336.00
    On Sale For $199.99
    4018 Meinl CB2 Retractable Nylon Cajon Brush

    Retractable Brushes for Your Cajon!

    Want to hear just what your cajon can do? Check out this Meinl Retractable Cajon Brush set! These 13" sticks feature bundles of thick nylon bristles that deliver a crisp snap and sharp attack when you use them to play your cajon. The retractable bristles help keep your brushes in good shape between gigs. Remix percussionists were particularly impressed by the snare-like sound you can get from these Retractable Cajon Brushes, offering access to an extended range of tones even on traditional cajons that don't have wires or strings. Best of all, the polymer bristles are totally safe to use on nearly any cajon.

    Model: 4018
    Manufacturer: Meinl
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    Regular Price: $28.00
    On Sale For $16.99
    4032 Meinl HCAJ100NT Cajon, Natural Birch Wood

    The Meinl Headliner Birch Cajon is a beautifully crafted instrument which features a fully adjustable, birch front-plate. Birch is a wonderful; almost naturally EQ'd wood that is capable of everything from crisp highs to booming low, and everything in between. With a few turns of a screw driver you're able to easily tune this baby to your like, giving you just the right amount of snap. Cajons are not only perfect for Latin and Afro-Cuban music, but work great in acoustic settings as well. Their warm, tonal range, and rich sound make them perfect for low volume gigs where a full kit just won't cut it.

    Model: 4032
    Manufacturer: Meinl
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    Regular Price: $215.00
    On Sale For $99.99
    4033 Meinl HCAJ2RTS Rojo Headliner Cajon, Tiger Stripe

    • Adjustable top front plate corners for desired amount of 'slap' sound
    • Internal adjustable strings for a crisp snare effect
    • MDF composite resonating body and Rubber Wood front plate for deep bass tones
    • Rojo Tiger Stripe resonating body and front plate
    • Four stable rubber feet provide stability while allowing the cajon to resonate to its fullest

    Model: 4033
    Manufacturer: Meinl
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    Regular Price: $245.00
    On Sale For $114.95
    4042 Meinl HTOPCAJ3BNT Hybrid Slap Top Cajon, Natural

    Model: 4042
    Manufacturer: Meinl
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    Regular Price: $118.00
    On Sale For $83.99
    4043 Meinl JC50LBNT Jam Cajon, Light Brown Natural Front

    JAM CAJON 10 1/2" W X 15" H X 10 1/4" D

    Crafted in Europe, the MEINL Jam Birch Cajon packs a powerful low end punch when played near the center and dishes out high frequency “slaps” when striking the top corners. This midsized model is slightly more compact compared to other MEINL cajons, making it easy to transport. Two sets of internal fixed snare wires brush against the playing surface to deliver a crisp, sensitive snare effect. ?

    Model: 4043
    Manufacturer: Meinl
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    Regular Price: $117.00
    On Sale For $69.99