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0141010303 Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster Electric Guitar

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The Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster is a ferocious signature model for the longtime Iron Maiden guitarist...

Fender and Dave Murray have collaborated on yet another ferocious signature model for the longtime Iron Maiden guitarist. The Dave Murray California Series Stratocaster is inspired by Murray's longtime onstage go-to guitar, combining time-honored Strat tradition with the modern roar of three Seymour Duncan humbucking pickups, the fast feel of a compound-radius fingerboard, and the high-performance reliability of a Floyd Rose bridge and nut.

Hot Rails are some of the highest-output pickups Seymour Duncan makes, and their ceramic-magnet-driven tone is a staple among garage rockers and metal heads the world over. That makes them a perfect fit for a guitarist like Dave Murray, whose specialty is old-school, high-octane lead tone with mind-blowing sustain. But there's an element of classic rock to his sound, too, which is where the JB Jr in the middle position of the Dave Murray California Series Stratocaster comes into play, offering you an awesome array of additional tonal character.

The Dave Murray California Series Stratocaster features a super-playable 9.5"-14" compound-radius fretboard. That means its fingerboard has a traditional 9.5" radius down by the nut, which makes it easy to grab chords and strum rhythms. As you move up the fretboard where you're more likely to bend notes, the fretboard flattens out to a 14" radius, which allows you to more easily bend notes - effectively offering you extra fretboard space so you're less likely to run off the edge. Ultimately, the Dave Murray California Series Stratocaster's compound-radius makes transitioning between rhythm and lead playing effortless.

An updated signature Strat made in collaboration with longtime Iron Maiden guitarist Dave Murray
Loaded with Seymour Duncan humbuckers (Hot Rails and a JB Jr in the middle) for an aggressive sound
Traditional Strat style and format includes a fast and comfortable C-shaped maple neck
Compound-radius fretboard makes chording low and soloing high more ergonomic
Equipped with a classic 2-point locking Floyd Rose tremolo for smooth bending


Model: 0141010303
Manufacturer: Fender