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3163 Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano with Hammer Action Keys

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The Alesis Recital Pro is an excellent keyboard for beginners as well as pros...

The Alesis Recital Pro is an 88-key digital piano designed to provide a realistic playing experience and education-friendly features for beginning keyboardists and experienced pianists in rehearsals, at home, or on stage. It delivers natural response via 88 hammer-action keys with adjustable touch sensitivity. There are 12 voices including acoustic and electric pianos, organs, strings, bass, and more, and each sound has a corresponding demo. Ten additional demo songs are available for reference and practice.

An adjustable metronome with an LED indicator allows you to play along with a stable tempo, ideal for improving consistency. Layer, Split, and Lesson modes enable customization of voice layers and keyboard zones. Record and play back a performance without the use of an external device. Listen through the built-in stereo speakers, or utilize the 1/4" stereo headphone and line outputs to monitor through headphones, speakers, or a PA. Sweeten your sound via integrated effects such as reverb, chorus, modulation, and EQ. A USB Type-B port offers simple connectivity for controlling virtual instruments in your favorite DAW.

The Recital Pro ships with a power adapter and removable music rest.

88 hammer-action keys with adjustable touch sensitivity—soft, medium, hard, or fixed velocity
12 voices: piano, piano (bright), electric piano, vibraphone, organ, church organ, harpsichord, clavi, synth, strings, acoustic bass, and fingered bass
Ten demo songs: Fantaisie-Impromptu in C# Minor Opus 66, Etude Opus 25 No. 1, Polonaise No. 6 in A Flat Major Opus 53, Sonata No. 16 in C Major, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Prelude and Fugue No. 30 in D Minor, Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C Major, Suite of Minuets in F Major, Danse des Mirliton, and the Wedding March.
Built-in stereo speakers: 10W woofers and 20W tweeters
1/4" TRS headphone output
Two 1/4" TRS line-output jacks
Adjustable metronome (30 to 280 BPM) with LED indicator
Integrated record function supports one user song
Built-in effects: reverb, chorus, modulation, EQ, and pedal resonance
Layer mode allows each key to trigger two voices
Split mode for different voices on the left and right halves of the keyboard
Lesson mode divides the keyboard into two identical zones with the same pitch and voice
Model: 3163


Model: 3163
Manufacturer: Alesis