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3443 Meinl BMS1 Bamboo Multi Stick Pair

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Meinl BMS1 Multi Stick Pair..

Meinl Bamboo Multi-Sticks can be used on the cajon, drum set, or any other instrument that could benefit from a 'chaffy' attack that lies somewhere between the timbre of a regular stick and a pair of brushes.

The extra-long grip on these mallets give you a place to choke up, if you'd prefer more rebound.

Rubber O-rings allow you to adjust how tightly the bamboo dowels touch each other - looser bundles increase the amount of attack noise the dowels themselves create.


  • Timbre Between Sticks and Brushes
  • Adjustable Dowel Tightness
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Can Choke Up For More Rebound
  • Model:  BMS1
  • UPC:  840553082289


Model: 3443
Manufacturer: Meinl