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717669169244 Fender 346 Shape Picks, Shell, Heavy, 12 Count

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The Fender 346 Shap Pick in Heavy is the perfect shape and style for anyone...

Having the right pick is as important as having the right strings. Fender knows this as well as anyone and has developed a well-loved line of guitar picks, including the 346. The 346 has three playing edges instead of just one, allowing you to switch sides as one side wears down. Made from time-tested celluloid, this larger-body pick produces a rounded, warm tone and can be used on a variety of acoustic and electric instruments.

3-edged, rounded-triangle, classic celluloid pick provides comfort and tone
Larger teardrop shape offers extra comfort while playing

Model: 717669169244
UPC: 717669134297

Model: 717669169244
Manufacturer: Fender