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0141020356 Fender Flea Signature Roadworn Electric Bass

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The Fender Flea Signature Electric Guitar is perfect for even one of the most influential bassists...

Few bass players in the history of rock stand out like the man behind the funky grooves that launched the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the top of the charts, and this Road Worn Fender Flea Jazz Bass captures both the tone and the spirit of this iconic bass player. Battered, loved, and played like crazy, Flea's own '61 Jazz Bass is reflected in this instrument from the worn-down paint and neck plate engraving to the broken-in feel of its period-correct U-shaped maple neck. What's more, the classic 7.25"-radius rosewood fingerboard and traditional 1.5" nut make the Fender Flea Jazz Bass one of the most comfortable instruments you'll ever pick up.

During the Red Hot Chili Peppers' first success in the alt-rock scene, a fan presented Flea with a 1961 Fender Jazz Bass, whose "old wood sound" quickly made it one of his favorite instruments. It's the bass sound that's all over Stadium Arcadium and The Getaway. If you've ever seen him live, then you know Flea plays hard, and his beloved '61 J Bass has taken a real beating over the years. Fender managed to capture every nuance of this iconic Shell Pink bass in painstaking detail, so the Flea Road Worn Jazz Bass doesn't just look worn in, it feels like an old friend when you first pick it up.

Speaking of the "old wood sound" of the Flea Road Worn Jazz Bass, if you dig classic single-coil J Bass tone, then you're going to be totally satisfied with its Pure Vintage '64 pickups. Fender makes these pickups with vintage bobbin construction and original-era wiring, building them as close to spec as possible. The result is simply astonishing - pure articulated single-coil bass sound with clear low end, present and articulate mids, and highs that sing without getting in the way.If you're like the bass players here at Sweetwater, then no matter how cool a bass looks or what the story behind it may be, the bottom line is still "how well does it play?" If you love J Basses, then we're sure you'll feel at home with the Flea Road Worn Jazz Bass. The slightly fatter U-shaped maple neck lets you dig in hard and brace your left hand, while the deep curve of the old-school 7.25"-radius fingerboard is excellent for hard grooving.

An amazing instrument modeled after Flea's '61 Jazz Bass
Based on the J Bass used on Stadium Arcadium, The Getaway, and other hit records
Road Worn Shell Pink finish re-created to perfection for a well-loved look
Vintage '64 J Bass pickups deliver classic single-coil bass tone
Classic U-shaped neck and 7.25" fingerboard radius provide vintage feel
Vintage-style bridge sports 4 threaded steel barrel saddles


Model: 0141020356
Manufacturer: Fender