• Consignment ISS1824 RARE Jackson Scott Ian Anthrax Signature JJ4 Killswitch button, Ransom Note DC Double Cutaway Guitar
    Consignment ISS1824 RARE Jackson Scott Ian Anthrax Signature JJ4 Killswitch button, Ransom Note DC Double Cutaway Guitar

    Jackson Scott Ian Anthrax Signature JJ4...

    Used Jackson Scott Ian JJ4 in excellent condition. Has a few minor scratches. Has Killswiitch button and Duncan Designed pickups. Made in Japan. No case.

    The Jackson JJ4 is part of an extremely rare run of signature models designed with Scott Ian of Anthrax.

    It's most prominent feature is a kill-switch button located under the pickup selector, which allows the player to cut in and out of their signal on command with just the tap of a button. .

    It also features two Duncan Design humbucking pickups, and "String-Thru" bridge  for seemingly endless sustain.

    It features a black finish with a unique white "Hot Rod Pinstripe" design on the front of the body and "Serial Killer Ransom" script on the head stock.

    Model: ISS1824
    Manufacturer: Consignment
    Price: $900.00
  • Consignment ISS2059 Parker PB-61
    Consignment ISS2059 Parker PB-61

    Used Parker PB-61 4 string bass in Splated Maple with hard shell case. In excellent condition.

    Has very minor scuffing near input jack (noted in pictures) and two screw holes where synth pickup was installed.

    Parker PB61 Features:
    Mahogany body Spalted maple top Neck thru construction EMG Active Bass pickups (EMG 35CS) Maple neck with
    ebony fretboard Champaign hardware 9 lbs. Parker PB61 Specifications: Tones / Sounds: Big bass feel for an array
    of classic to modern tones. Body Wood Mahogany body with Spalted maple top Construction Solid two piece construction
    Finish Satin Bridge Mono rail string thru Vibrato System NA Neck: Wood Mahogany and Ebony Neck Design 7 piece
    construction Neck-Body Joint Neck thru Scale 34" # of Frets 24 Fret Material Nickel Silver Fret Size .045" high, .095"
    wide Fret Board Ebony Fretboard Shape 10" - 15" conical form Neck Shape Width: Regular, Thickness: Fat Finish Satin
    Nut Brass Nut Width 1.6" String Spacing 2.25" Truss Rod Double 17.322 Tuners Open gear L-4 Electronics: Mag Pickups
    Active EMG 35CS Mag. Config 2 active Mag. PU Select None Piezo System None PreAmp/Mixer Other Controls Volume,
    volume, 2 Bass and treble Output 1/4" Miscellaneous: Weight 9 pounds

    Shipping $75

    Model: ISS2059
    Manufacturer: Consignment
    Price: $1,599.99
  • Consignment ISS2060 1993 Gibson Gospel
    Consignment ISS2060 1993 Gibson Gospel

    Used 1993 Gibson Gospel acoustic in excellent condition with hard shell case.

    Serial Number identification puts this at May 27th 1993 from Bozeman MT.

    Gibson Gospel Acoustic Guitar (1972-1979) The Gibson gospel guitar originated in 1972-73
    and it was intended to be a deep sounding vocal backup instrument . It was a flat top ,
    had square shoulders, arched back, maple neck, laminated maple back and sides and had
    a tortoise style body binding Were available only in natural finishes. The guitar was not only
    designed for gospel music, the Gibson gospel acoustic guitar is also a wise instrument choice for bluegrass,
    folk, country music and even blues.

    Gibson Gospel Reissue (1992 -1997) In 1992 Gibson again offered the gospel acoustic model,
    the reissue is actually superior compared to the original. Gibson chose mahogany over maple
    for the reissue, it has multiple white binding, multi ply arched back (very deep sounding), unbound
    rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays, scalloped braces like those on the more expensive models,
    and finishes were available in natural or sunburst.

    Shipping $150

    Model: ISS2060
    Manufacturer: Consignment
    Price: $2,400.00
  • Consignment ISS2092 Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue  JCM 25/50 2525C
    Consignment ISS2092 Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue JCM 25/50 2525C

    Used Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue JCM 25/50 2525C in excellent condition.

    This 20-watt 2525C Mini Silver Jubilee Combo gives you everything you love about Marshall's
    highly coveted 2-channel, 100-watt combo in a smaller and more volume-friendly unit. The 2525C
    has all the tone and look of the original, including high- and low-output switching for 5- and 20-
    watt performance, offering you the sound of a Marshall at full roar, but at studio and club levels.
    The Marshall 20-watt 2525C Silver Jubilee combo also gives you even lower noise performance
    and improved reliability over the 1980s originals.

    Shipping $100

    Model: ISS2092
    Manufacturer: Consignment
    Price: $2,200.00