VicFirth Vic Firth 7AN American Classic Nylon Tip Hickory Sticks, Pair

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This pair of 7A drumsticks features a teardrop nylon tip and works well for jazz applications. Using nylon tips is a great way to brighten up your tone, and since they're so similar to their wood-tipped counterparts, there's no learning curve when you make the switch. And with Vic Firth's "tip locking" injection-molded manufacturing process, the nylon won't chip or fly off. We know how hard you work to master your drum skills, so get the stick that gives you consistent performance while letting your chops shine through. Vic Firth 7AN Nylon Tip Drumstick Pair

Nylon tip, teardrop shape Light and fast Great for jazz playing
Length: 15-1/2"
Diameter: .540"

Vic Firth 7A nylon tip drumsticks give you great sound and dependable performance at a tremendous value!

Model: 7AN
Manufacturer: VicFirth

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