4240 Mapex MSW14-20 Snare Wire 14" 20 Strands

4240 Mapex MSW14-20 Snare Wire 14" 20 Strands

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Revitalize your Snare Drum! It's a fact: snare wires can stretch, break, or fall out of line, resulting in a compromised snare sound. The easiest way to refresh your snare drum is to replace your old snare wires. Mapex MSW14-20 wires are a high-quality, reliable replacement that will get your snare drum singing again. They feature 20-strand construction, and fit almost all 14" snare drums. From shells to hardware, you can count on Mapex quality. Msapex gear can handle whatever abuse your gigging schedule can dish out, and keep on truckin' night after night. Whether you're a percussion student or a seasoned drummer, for durable, great-sounding, affordable drums and hardware, you can trust Mapex Snare Wires

Replacement wires for 14" snare drums
Quality wire with reliable solder joints
20-strand construction for plenty of snap

Model: 4240
Manufacturer: Mapex

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