Hercules Stands MS540B Low-Profile Tripod Microphone Boom Stand

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The Hercules MS540B Low-Profile Tripod Microphone Stand is flexible enough to fit to abybody's preference...

Randy Newman might think differently, but we think the Hercules Transformer Jr. Mic Stand is perfect for any low-profile miking application. It features an EZ Mic Clip for easy mic insertion and removal, the EZ Height-adjustment lever for 1-button raising and lowering, a tilting base, and a tripod base with swivel legs that give you more positioning options. Sweetwater drummers and studio engineers alike appreciate the flexibility and convenient features of the Hercules Transformer Jr. Mic Stand.

Quick-N-EZ height-adjustment lever releases and locks with the touch of a button.
Quick-N-EZ tilt adjust allows the stand shaft to be set at whatever angle is desired
Wide-base, tripod swivel legs adjust independently for placement and transit convenience
EZ Mic Clip allows quick, hassle-free, low-noise mic insertion and removal

Model: 3385
UPC: 635464433066

Model: MS540B
Manufacturer: Hercules

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