7531 EVH® Premium Guitar Cables 20 ft.

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The EVH Premium Guitar Cable (20ft) are high-quality and durable for any musician...

There are five major reasons why audio professionals trust their sound to Mogami Platinum cables. First, they offer extremely low handling noise. At the same time, Platinum cables offer you exceptional shielding to block out RF and EMI noise. Despite their thick shielding, Mogami Platinum cables are still among the most flexible cables you'll find at Sweetwater, yet they're tough enough to withstand the most stressful environments. Of course, none of this would matter if Platinum cables didn't sound amazing, which they do. Trust your sound to Mogami Platinum cables.

Professional engineers and musicians around the world have turned to Mogami for high-quality audio cables solution that are built to last. In fact, Mogami has invested years of research into developing some of the most transparent, "lossless" cables you can find. That's why the Sweetwater crew enthusiastically recommends them! So whether you're onstage or in the studio with a microphone, guitar, bass, or keyboard, you can trust Mogami cables to give you the full sound of your instrument, with ultra-low noise and maximum durability.

Copper-core G&H connectors give you solid and clean signal transfer
Ultra-high density 100% coverage copper spiral shield for noiseless operation
Low-loss cellular polyethylene insulation
Conductive PVC eliminates handling noise
Oxygen-free copper core
Lifetime warranty

Model: 7531
UPC: 717669694340

Model: 7531
Manufacturer: EVH

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