6118 Eldon ELF220-U, C Flute

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Product  6118

The Eldon C Flute is the perfect intermediate flute for any musician...

Eldon band instruments were created by Antigua Winds with the beginning musician in mind. Each Eldon instrument encompasses the finest features and quality that come from years of experience combined with modern manufacturing techniques. Eldon produces instruments with the desire that your "First Step in Music" be positive and rewarding. This silver plated C flute features plateau style closed-holes and comes with a lighweight collegiate case.

Silver-plated head joint, body and foot joint for centered tone
Fully ribbed construction
Split E key – an advanced feature not found in all student flutes
Offset G key to reduce left hand stress
Power forged silver plated keys for increased durability
Rolled tone holes
.016” head joint and body wall thickness
Y arm

Model: 6118

Model: 6118
Manufacturer: Eldon

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