Fender 0176052731 Limited Edition American Elite Nashville Telecaster, Antique Cherry Burst

Fender 0176052731 Limited Edition American Elite Nashville Telecaster, Antique Cherry Burst

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The Fender American Elite Stratocaster is the perfect, classic electric guitar...

Over a dozen new innovations, such as fourth-generation noiseless pickups and high-mass, full-sustain saddles, conspire to make the American Elite Stratocaster one of the best modern Strats for the money. The classic tone cocktail of an ash body and maple neck provides the same punch, bite, and twang that built Fender's empire, but the expanded 10-way S-1 pickup switching system and comfortable compound-radius neck will give even veteran Strat players reason to upgrade. Fender's tremolo system is also better than ever for the American Elite, with a smoother response and a copper-infused bridge plate to help fight tuning slippage.

The Fender Stratocaster has helped shape the sound of rock 'n' roll for the past 60 years, from psychedelia and surf rock to punk rock and metal. The Fender American Elite carries on that tradition today with the classic build players love - a comfortable, lightweight ash body and fast maple neck for superior tone and playability - with over a dozen new innovations to continue to inspire great music for the next generation. Fourth-generation noiseless pickups give the American Elite the classic Strat sound without the hum and buzz. And for exciting tonal options, the American Elite's S-1 switching gives you 10 total pickup options - which include running all three in series - with the push of a button. Sweetwater Strat purists appreciate that Fender built the S-1 switch discreetly into the volume knob for an unmodded, timeless look.

Fender noiseless single-coil pickups (4th generation)
S-1 switch provides 10 pickup options for exciting new tones
Select ash body for light weight and a punchy, balanced sound
C-shaped compound maple neck with a fast satin finish and heel contour
Maple fretboard provides a woody tone and quick response
Tremolo bridge adds texture to chords and leads
High-mass saddles for added chime and sustain
Locking tuners for tuning stability and quick string changes
Includes strap locks, pop-in trem arm, and adjustment wrenches

Model: 0176052731
UPC: 885978860111

Model: 0176052731
Manufacturer: Fender

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