Fender 0320222565 Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH - Black Metallic

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The Fender Squier Contemporary Stratocaster brings a modern growl to a classic strat...

Inspired by the Fender Contemporary series of the 1980s, today's Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH proves that a rocker-ready superstrat can be had for not a lot of dough. Twin high-gain ceramic humbuckers dispense unrelenting good vibes upon your listeners, from throwback SoCal crunch to contemporary forms of rock, punk, metal, and shred. The Slim "C" neck with 12" radiused fingerboard provides a comfortable transition to higher frets and plenty of room for chording and bending. Meanwhile, the eye-catching zebra humbucker, trem bridge, and matching painted headstock give the Squier Contemporary Strat HH the right look for your brand of hard rock and high-energy music.

The Squier Contemporary Strat HH has you covered for all flavors of high-gain goodness, from singing leads and screaming solos to aggressive amp crunch. Onboard tremolo readies the Contemporary Strat HH to add texture to chords and movement to solos straight away — no mods required.

Lead players will enjoy exploring the Contemporary Strat HH's quick, comfortable maple neck, whose 12" radiused fingerboard flattens out toward the body to facilitate faster playing styles. Jumbo frets make bends and vibratos a cinch, too. If you're looking for a great-playing axe with inspiring stock tones to match, check out the Squier Contemporary Strat HH.

A performance-ready superstrat at a great price
Inspired by the Fender Contemporary series of the mid-1980s
High-gain humbucking pickups unleash brutal rock and metal tones
Simple control set: Volume, Tone, and 3-way selector
Tremolo bridge adds textures to chords and movement to solos
Eye-catching zebra humbucker and matching painted headstock
Sustain-enhancing synthetic bone nut

Model: 0320222565

Model: 0320222565
Manufacturer: Fender

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