Electro-Harmonx 7890 Electro-Harmonix Nano Switchblade Channel Selector Footswitch

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The Electro-Harmonix Nano Switchblade Channel Selector is compact enough to save room for other Electro-Harmonix pedals...

The Electro-Harmonix Nano Switchblade Pedal delivers a high quality channel switcher in a compact die-cast package. The compact battery-operated channel switcher takes you back and forth between 2 different amps, cabinets, or pedal boards. The ruggedly built EH Nano Switchblade is amazingly compact and will save you valuable pedal board space! Power your Switchblade stompbox with a 9V battery or an optional 9V 100ma tip-positive AC adapter with an 1/8" plug.

Enables switching between two amps, cabs or pedal boards
Small die-cast case saves valuable pedal board space
Rugged construction


Model: 7890
Manufacturer: Electro-Harmonx

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