1052 Rental Pool, Shure PGXD2 / SM58 Hand Held Wireless Microphone

Price: $299.00

The Shure Rental Pool Wireless Mic is inexpensive yet reliable...

If you're looking for affordable and reliable wireless, you need to check out Shure's PGXD digital Performance Gear. This Shure PGXD2/SM58 digital wireless handheld microphone transmitter pairs up with one of Shure's PGXD receives to provide you with phenomenal 24-bit/48kHz digital audio and absolute reliability. Despite its ultra-modern operation, the PGXD2/SM58 receiver still provides you with the rock-solid microphone quality Shure is known for. The rugged, stage-ready PGXD2/SM58 microphone transmitter delivers excellent protection against feedback while providing you with the classic live vocal mic sound found on stages around the world.

Power, mute, and battery status
LED10 dB of adjustable gain
Lockable interface prevents accidental setting changes
Rugged construction for reliable performance show after show

Model: 1052
UPC: 1052

Model: 1052
Manufacturer: Shure

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