EVH 5107001514 Wolfgang WG Standard QM, Maple Fingerboard, Cherry Sunburst

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The EVH Wolfgang Standard Quilt Maple Electric Guitar has huge tone and an abundance of sustain...

Built to Eddie Van Halen's exacting standards, the EVH Wolfgang WG Standard QM is brimming with playability and ferocious tone. And it's supremely eye-catching, thanks to its gorgeous quilt maple top. Dual direct-mounted EVH Wolfgang humbuckers yield a distinctive woody character and ample sustain. The Wolfgang's 1-piece bolt-on maple neck is reinforced with graphite rods, ensuring maximum stability and resistance to temperature and humidity. An EVH-branded Floyd Rose Special tremolo and locking nut maintain intonation — even after extreme dive-bombing. The EVH Wolfgang WG Standard QM reflects a commitment to quality worthy of the extraordinary guitarist it's named after.

From its basswood body to its maple neck and fingerboard, this guitar just screams quality. This amazing guitar is made for serious playing, with a compound-radius fingerboard, an EVH Floyd Rose bridge and locking nut, and direct-mounted EVH humbuckers. You also get two domed black knobs for total control over your tone and volume and ultra-stable EVH tuners. All the components come together to make a high-performance electric guitar.

First gaining popularity in the 1980s, the Floyd Rose tremolo's locking design keeps your guitar in tune — even if you like to perform extreme pitch pyrotechnics. You can force the whammy bar all the way down to the guitar's body for psychotic dive-bombing. No matter how hard you're shredding, you'll maintain your tuning stability, thanks to the Floyd Rose tremolo's locking design.

Designed by rock legend Eddie Van Halen
Quilt maple top offers an eye-catching appearance
Basswood body and dual EVH pickups deliver resonant tone, sustain, and crunch
Compound-radius allows for exceptional speed and comfort
EVH-branded Floyd Rose tremolo allows for twisting, bending, and dive-bombing
Comfort cut forearm contour for maximum playing ease
Belly cut allows the guitar to fit comfortably against your torso

Model: 5107001514
UPC: 5107001514

Model: 5107001514
Manufacturer: EVH

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