8003 DR Dragonskin Mandolin Custom Light 11-40

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The DR Dragonskin Mandolin Strings sound just as good as an uncoated string while lasting as long as a coated string would...

Since 1989, DR has been committed to crafting hand made, superb-quality instrument strings. By blending the best of old-fashioned handmade craftsmanship with cutting edge materials or string coatings, DR continues to push the boundaries of the string-making process. That commitment to quality is what has brought countless top-flight bassists and guitarists to string-up with DRs - from U2's Adam Clayton to Phish's Trey Anastasio and everywhere outside and in between. For reliable tone - acoustic or electric - you can rely on the handcrafted strings from DR.

Great volume and greater articulation than standard uncoated strings
Phosphor bronze wound strings

Model: 8003.
UPC: 600781004541

Model: 8003
Manufacturer: DR

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