8004 DR Silver Stars Acoustic Strings Light 12-54

Price: $9.99

The DR Silver Star Acoustic Guitar Strings are long-lasting yet sound like an uncoated string...

The K3™ Coating is the first coating that players report,  "sounds as good or better than uncoated strings."  DR's new, remarkable, proprietary and patented technology coating is the first coating that makes no apologies and no excuses for not delivering sound equal to uncoated strings.  Players tell us that these strings have more volume, less unwanted overtones, greater clarity and articulation then standard, uncoated strings.  Yet, they provide the same protection due to corrosion and perspiration as well as increased tone life that coated strings are known for.

Gauges 12-15-24-32-42-52
Sounds just as good as uncoated strings
Coated to prevent any rusting or corrosion

Model: 8004
UPC: 8004

Model: 8004
Manufacturer: DR

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