Tc Helicon 4728 TC Electronic CORONAMINICHORUS Corona Mini Chorus Pedal

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The TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus does its job, but allows for personalization as well...

You can make the TC Electronic Corona Mini chorus pedal sound like virtually any chorus pedal ever created, and it's small enough to fit even on highly packed pedalboards. With TC's TonePrint technology, you can download custom effects created by guitar legends like John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert. Or use the TonePrint Editor to create your own custom effects - guitarists are continually amazed at the variety of effects you can create with this powerful editor. If you only have room for one chorus pedal in your guitar rig, you'll be well served by the TC Electronic Corona Mini.

Mono chorus pedal for electric guitar
3 chorus types including SCF- and TriCorus-style effects
TonePrint gives you instant access to custom pedal-tweaks made by top performing guitarists
Speed, depth, and level controls let your sculpt your chorus sound from subtle to extreme
True bypass preserves your tone
Extra-small footprint saves precious pedalboard space
High-quality components
Road-ready design

Model: 4728
UPC: 653341321138

Model: 4728
Manufacturer: Tc Helicon

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