Tc Helicon 4731 TC Electronic SPARKMINIBOOSTER Spark Mini Boost Pedal

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The TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster is a smart pedalboard solution...

Kick on the TC Electronic Spark Mini boost pedal to send your guitar amplifier into glorious overdrive. Or just use it as a clean boost for a subtle volume increase during solos. Either way, the Spark Mini packs premium analog circuitry that won't degrade your tone. Even better, there's two ways to use this boost pedal - kick it on and off like any other pedal, or just hold the footswitch for a momentary boost.

Level boost pedal for electric guitar with up to 20dB of boost
Discrete analog circuitry and true bypass design maintain your tone
Compact design is perfect for any pedalboard
PrimeTime switching gives you two options - standard latching operation, or momentary operation
Perfect for subtle volume boosts or sending your amplifier into overdrive

Model: 4731
UPC: 653341320834

Model: 4731
Manufacturer: Tc Helicon

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