Tc Helicon 4732 TC Electronic 960720001 Dark Matter Distortion Pedal

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TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal offers a wide range of effects from gritty distortion to smooth breakup...

A good distortion stompbox gives you at least a few distinct distortion sounds. The TC Electronic Dark Matter is a great stompbox distortion. Far from any one-trick pony, the Dark Matter gives you an enormous range of gritty and rich distortion tones, covering the spread from mild fuzz to the roar and sag of a Plexi pushed to the breaking point. What sets the Dark Matter apart from other distortion pedals is the way TC approaches tone shaping and EQ.

Gain, Level, Bass, and Treble controls give you total control of your distortion sounds
Voicing switch shifts the bass response
True bypass preserves your tone
Easy battery access
Small footprint saves precious pedalboard space
Made with high-quality components
Road-ready design with a tough metal chassis

Model: 4732
UPC: 5706622010445

Model: 4732
Manufacturer: Tc Helicon

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