ZC91890 Yamaha DTP522 Cymbal And Drum Pad Set Part Of DTX522K

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The Yamaha Cymbal and Drum Pad Set offers a natural sond and feel...

The Yamaha Drum and Cymbal Pad set is a versatile electronic drum set. I reproduces the natural vibrations of a real drum set. In addition, different sounds can be produced when the musician hits different parts of the pad.

PCY135 (Edge, Bow, Cup capable 13-inch Cymbal pad for ride) x 1
PCY100 (Edge, Bow, Cup * capable 10-inch Cymbal pad for crash and hi-hat) x 2 (1 for each)
HH65 (Hi-Hat controller pedal) x 1 * Cup sound is available on PCY100 for hi-hat
XP80 (Open & Closed rimshot capable 8-inch DTX-PAD for snare) x 1
TP70 (75-inch rubber pad for toms) x 3
KP65 (Kick Pad) x 1

Model: ZC91890
UPC: 086792972916

Model: ZC91890
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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