Tc Helicon 4736 TC Electronic BodyRez Acoustic Pickup Enhancer Pedal

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The TC Electronic's BodyRez Acoustic Pickup Enhancer is ultra-compact with studio-quality tone...

BODYREZ is the new must-have tool for every acoustic player out there. Designed to restore the natural acoustic resonance of your instrument when using under-saddle pickups, BODYREZ gives you a more pristine sound simply with the turn of a single knob. Getting great acoustic tone couldn’t possibly be easier, with harmonic bliss now just a stomp away.

There’s nothing more captivating than the natural rich and crisp sound of an acoustic guitar. Sadly, most acoustic pickups take that full 3-dimensional sound and make it flatter and more uninviting than a burned pancake. This is where BODYREZ comes in. With BODYREZ it’s like having your own personal pro audio engineer along with you at all times, making sure that you sound your best all while eliminating potential feedback traps. Once you plug this pedal in, you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without it!

Ultra-compact acoustic guitar pickup enhancement pedal offers studio-quality acoustic tone and built-in feedback suppression
Specifically designed to restore your guitar’s natural acoustic resonance when using under-saddle pickups to give you a superb studio-quality acoustic guitar tone
Phase control footswitch mode offers an easy and effective way to kill low-frequency feedback
Sophisticated filters and subtle compression seamlessly bring back the natural playing feel and acoustic ambiance of your guitar
Extremely simple one-knob control lets you focus on playing
Extra-small footprint easily fits on any pedal board
True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off
Footswitch hold-to-mute lets you swap instruments silently

Model: 4736
UPC: 653341320537

Model: 4736
Manufacturer: Tc Helicon

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