Electro-Harmonx 5MMAMP Electro-Harmonix 5MM 2.5-watt Power Amp Pedal

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The EHX 5MM Power Amp Pedal will light up your pedal board, just add speakers...

Electro-Harmonix unveiled the compact 5MM Guitar Power Amplifier which produces 2.5 watts and can be connected directly to an 8O–16 O speaker cabinet.

The 5MM is equipped with a Volume control and a Bright/Norm switch which, when engaged, adds top boost or presence to the signal. EHX Founder, Mike Matthews stated: “You can use the 5MM alone to go from a sparkly clean tone to raw bluesy grit or plug a dirt/overdrive pedal or preamp into it. Then turn it up for some gnarly grind, or really crank it and get bathed in distortion!”

The 5MM comes equipped with a power supply.

Model 5MM Amp

UPC: 683274012223

Model: 5MMAMP
Manufacturer: Electro-Harmonx

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