3612570 Peavey PV 6 Mixer USB

3612570 Peavey PV 6 Mixer USB

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Peavey PV6 6-Channel Mixer with USB Interface

Never before have so many great features been stuffed into such a small mixer. The completely redesigned PV6 from Peavey builds upon the astounding success of its namesake predecessor, adding tons of additional functionality without sacrificing the sound quality and reliability which has become synonymous with the Peavey name.

The PV6 includes some key features you will not find in competitors' mixers of this kind. There is an available global compressor, which is inserted after the main level control, before the main and USB outputs. This feature can be auditioned and tweaked to perfection using its Enable switch. You also get an honest-to-goodness effects loop, with send level controls on channels 1, 2, and 3/4, and a Master return level control, so you can use your outboard effects to their full potential. The PV6 also has direct outputs on channels one and two, for easy connection to a DAW interface or monitor system. The all-new PV Series mixers also include a tablet cradle to hold your smart device for display and easy access.

Peavey's reference-quality SilencerTM preamps are at the heart of this unit, built into the two mono channels. Channel one also features a Peavey exclusive high impedance input switch and pre-shape EQ specifically tailored for guitars. 48V phantom power is available for the mono channels, and both include 3-band EQ (bypassable) with Peavey's MidMorph midrange EQ to make vocals and instruments really shine in the mix.

Channel three/four is a stereo channel, with 1/4" L+R or a 3.5 mm stereo input. Ideal for stereo instruments such as keyboards or samplers, this channel is also perfect for playing pre-recorded material from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPod, iPad, or other personal media device. This channel also features 3-band EQ.

Channel five/six is a dedicated media channel with 1/4" or RCA inputs, which can be swapped at the flip of a switch, so you can alternate between a keyboard and a CD player or similar RCA line-level source. This media channel includes independent balance and level controls.

All this goodness is built into a rugged metal case, using high quality components to ensure long service life, even under rigorous and frequent use. And all the new PV Series mixers include a free copy of Peavey's REAPER recording software (demo), so you can be up and running, recording your masterpieces and sounding like a pro, in no time flat.



New rugged, slim, low-profile console design
Convenient tablet cradle
2 combination XLR/1/4" low noise mic preamps
3-band EQ on all channels
2 channels of Peavey's exclusive MidMorph® EQ
EQ bypass per channel
LED clip and signal present indication
2 Channels of direct out
Stereo pan control per channel
Channel 3/4 stereo 1/4" or 3.5mm input channel
Channel 5/6 stereo 1/4", RCA, or Bluetooth input channel
Dual selectable control room outputs
1/4" main stereo outputs
High quality master LED meter bridge
Built-in master compression
Studio quality headphone output
Equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, A2DP
Stereo USB-B streaming audio in and out, 16-bit, up to 48kHz sample rates
Built-in Digital Effects
Peavey's exclusive on-board Hi Z guitar input
Global 48V phantom power
Product Dimensions: 7.25" wide x 11.4" deep x 2.1875" high (18.42 cm x 28.96 cm x 5.56 cm)
Weight Packed: 5.29 lb(2.4 kg)
Width Packed: 8.9"(22.606 cm)
Height Packed: 12.6"(32.004 cm)

Depth Packed: 3.35"(8.509 cm)

UPC:  0143367646443



Model: 3612570
Manufacturer: Peavey

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