Yamaha PSRE360MA 61-key portable keyboard, Maple finish

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Product  PSRE360MA

Yamaha PSRE360MA 61-Key  Portable Keyboard, Maple finish...

PSR-E360 blends into your living space beautifully and will become a part of your family.
Find the perfect color to suit your lifestyle and interior design, and get ready to enjoy!
The warmth of the maple model will perfectly accent your interior decor and lighten up the
whole room.

Touch-sensitive keys give you expressive dynamic control. Play the keys heavily and you'll get louder tones,
or play softly to achieve quieter sounds. The touch-sensitive keyboard will accurately reflect every nuance of
your playing, making your performances musically expressive.

True Tone the better an instrument sounds, the more it inspires us.
Yamaha has a proud history of manufacturing just about every kind of musical instrument. When it comes to reproducing
the sound of these instruments in a keyboard, the results are detailed and high-quality.

Learning on-board lessons help you learn to play. 3-step lesson - Listening, Timing and Waiting modes are available for each
hand, or both hands together. Lessons use the on-board Songs to help build your skills. Duo mode splits the keyboard so parent
and child can play together.

Model: PSRE360MA
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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